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C&D Yiho Hotel brand welcomes 2 new comers
November 01,2015

In October 2015, the member enterprise of C&D Tourism and Hotels Incorporation including Xinyi Hotel and Bamin Hotel Fuzhou were separately renamed as Xiamen Xiangan Yiho Hotel and Yiho Hotel Bamin Fuzhou, which indicate that the two hotels are improved and classified as exquisite hotels of “Yiho Hotel” brand. Since then, C&D “Yiho Hotel”brand has in total 4 member hotels in Xiamen and Fuzhou.

The C&D Tourism and Hotels Incorporation has created its own exquisite business hotel brand “Yiho Hotel” in 2008, and made its first Yiho Hotel by transforming the former Xiamen Golden Coastal Grand Hotel, located on the Hubin North Road of the Xiamen political and financial center economic special zone. In 2014, the incorporation managed to create its second Yiho hotel in Huli District, the birthplace of Xiamen Special Economic Zone.