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Dream Companion -- C&D Corporation 35th Anniversary Variety Show
December 12,2015

On the evening of December 11, the Strait Hall of the Xiamen International Conference Hotel is immersed in a glittering view, the Dream Companion - C&D Corporation 35th Anniversary Variety Show was held here. During the happy union moment, versatile members from the corporation, elder and new and from various sectors, gathered together with full vitality to celebrate the 35th birthday of the corporation with their sincere blessing and art shows.

The anniversary marks a brand new starting point of the corporation marching toward its new journey. The Director Wu Xiaomin addressed the evening party, and earnestly expected all leaders of the corporation to try to adapt to the New Normal, and further transform their ideas, to enhance the awareness of innovation, brand and sharing of resources, and team spirit, so as to improve the professionalism, strength and scale of the enterprise; at the same time, she hopes each C&D staff can deem themselves as the master of the company, work hard and strive for progress, and realize their own value by contributing to the development of C&D Corporation.