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“C&D•Green Running on the Go”, touching Alxa Desert
May 04,2017

On the May 1st, Labor’s Day in 2017, the Ecological public welfare base of the Tengger Desert in Alxa welcomed a bunch of volunteers from Xiamen who loves environment and devoted to public affairs, they are also participants of the “C&D·Green Running on the Go”. In the 3 days’ short journey, they planted flowers and tree seedlings to leave a space of hope for protecting the desert.

Since 2014, the C&D Corporation has worked with Xiamen International Marathon Organizing Committee to carry out the public well fare activity - “C&D·Green Running on the Go” on the day of the Xiamen International Marathon. Volunteer families are organized to pick up the garbage littered by runners on the course, thus advocate the concept of environmental protection of “Leave behind the beautiful scenery, take away garbage”. Since 205 till now, the activity has partnered the China Green Foundation to donate to the Alxa desert 20 thousand tree seedlings featuring effective sand fixation effect, and organize volunteer families to contribute their share in planting the trees, help improve the environment with their concrete actions.